Dolakha Tourism

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Dolakha Tourism

DOLAKHA one of the high historical, natural, adventures, religious, importance touristic place lies 130km east of Kathmandu. We first reach Kharidhunga 110 km from Kathmandu from where one can get splendid views of Himalayan range. Kharidhunga, located about 2660m above the sea level, boasts one of the world’s best magnesite deposits.


The district headquarters has unique geographical setting. It lies 1970m above sea level. The spectacular views on many Himalayas including Mt. Gaurisankar of Rolwaling Himalayan range can be observed from here.

# Business center having all facilities for the tourists.

# Hill station for Sunrise and Sunset programme, etc.

# Dolakha is one of the rare tourist spots of Nepal. In the sense that from this single place the heart- touching views of himalaya, forest, river, landscapes and village can be observed.

Dolakha Town:

# The place of historical, cultural, religious and natural beauty.
# Statue of Bhimeshwor perspires before the grave crisis of misfortune in the country.
# There are more than dozen temples and stupas including temples of Bhimeshwor, Tripura Sundari, Kali, with various cultural festivals.


# The religious and natural snow peaked peak famous pligirmaga sites Of Nepal.

# Place to see and enjoy Rhododendron and other different colorful Flower (Chimal) of all high altutieds.
# place of Yak and Chaurigai ( sows).
# Best place for trekking, to see Sunrise and Sunset, Panorama view of Himalays and place to introduce Snow- skiing, Golf course, Cable car, Rock climbing etc.
# Great festivals takes palce here during Janai poornima, Bada dashain and Chaite Dashain.


# Zurich of Nepal and gateway of Mt. Everest 
# Chordung hill of Jiri, Place of Yak farming and Cheese Industry.
# Jatapokhari- worth visiting palce.
# Jirels are the main habitants having with their own culture and way of life.

Tashi Gumba of Bigu:

#  Gumba was established bye the Lama of Bhutan named Duppa Rinpochhe ( Saurav Dorje) in 1990 B.S.
#  First ever started traning place of Aanies ( Bikshunies) in Nepalese Buddhism history.
#  Place of stone slate mines.
#  Place of Bahula pokhari is the very beautiful touristic area where religious festival takes place during Rishi Tarpani poornima.
# Best place for trekking.

Virgin Gaurisankar/Rowaling Range:

(The standard measurement of time)

# Gaurisankar synonymous with the God Shiva and his consort Parbati.
# Standard measurement of time of the country lies in Rolwanling Mountain range.
# Cho-Rolpa glacier lake is the gretest and the situated in the highest place  of country.


# Beading is the place having 60 houses with 300 papulation and maximum summiters of Mt. Everest.

Lama Bagar/ Lapchi:

# Gateway of Tibet
# Place of 33 meditation centers established by the religious leader Melareooa about 1000 years ago.
# Having Chhewar gumba for Tibetan refugees and Pema Chhitin Gumba of Nepalese people, established before 1300 years ago.
# The historical 1200 paltans ( soldiers ) in another popular spot of this region.


Country’s first self invested and ever made cheapest Tamakoshi Hydro-Electricity Project in Nepal.

Shailungeshwor Danda:

# The hills of 100 hillocks.
# Holy place of Shailungeshwor Mahadev and religious festival takes place year during Janai poornima, Bala Chaturdashi and 12 year Godawari Festivals.
# Best place for trekking to see Sunrise and Sunset programmes and to enjoy the panoramic view if most of the snow peaked mountains on Nepal.

Trekking routes:

4N/5 Days ( Kalinchowk Sanctury) :

Barabesi – Korthali- Dolangsa – Thingsangla – Kalinchowk – Dolakha/ Charikot

7/8 days:

Kathmandu –Dolakha/Charikot – Lapilang – Changu – Bigu _-Thingsangla – Kalinchowk –Dolakha/Charikot – Kathmandu

7N/8days (Bigu Circuit)

Barabesi – Korthali – Dolangsa – Thingsangla – Bigu –Loting – Singati – Dolakha –Dolakha/Charikot – Kathmandu

12N/13Days ( Dolakha – Lapchi)

Kathmandu – Dolakha – Dolangsa – Thingsangla – Bigu – Jagat – Lamabagar – Lumnang – Lapchi – Lamabagar – Singati – Dolakha/Charikot – Charikot – Kathmandu

16N/17Days ( Gausankar Base Camp)

Kathmandu – Barabesi – Korthali – Kalinchowk – Thangsangla – Bigu – Bigu – Loting –laduk – Orang – Gongarkhola – Simigaun – Kyalche/Dongyang – Bending – Na – Daldungla – Simigaun – Singati – Dolakha /Charikot – Kathmandu

13N/14Days (Rolwaling Base Camp)

Kathmandu – Dolakha/Charikot – Singati – Honobukharka – Pamalkapas – Ramdand – Beding – Camp – Yalumkharka – Na –Beding – Tashi Lapcha pass – Khumbu

14N/15Days (Jiri Circuit)

Kathmandu – Dolakha/Charikot – Singati – Jagat – Simigaun – Kyalcho – Beding – Na – Chho Rolpa – Panch Pokhari – Shyama – Jiri - Kathmandu