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August 25, 2017
Father's Day celebration in Nepal...

According to Hindu Mythology, Fathers are considered as the God. They are teacher, Care Taker and Protector and they have great values in family members. This is the special day to pay respect and homage for every father by his children. During this day, every child celebrates with giving gifts, offering different kinds of delicious foods for Fathers and People from far away visit to their fathers to see his face and worship him. Nepal is the country of having various ethnic groups; they have their own culture and tradition. This day celebrates vary depending their communities and tribes.

This day is even popularly known as a Pitri Tirpani Ausi and held in the Nepali month, Bhadra every year in no moon day.  During this day, who has already lost their father, they perform some kind of rituals  with believe of passing soul will have place in heaven. Gokarna is the famous place within the territory of Kathmandu valley where Thousands of people visit to pay homage for the passing soul of father. It is believed that Gokarana is the holy place, which has religious values in Hindu Mythology and people prefer to go and do some rituals in the name of father.

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