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Biking Tour in Nepal

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.
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Biking tour in Nepal
Biking tour in Nepal

Biking tour in Nepal is getting more popular these days. It has some of the most breathtaking yet challenging terrains in the World. And for the aspiring adventurer, it is compelling.

In addition, Nepal is a treasure of natural wonders, from its majestic mountains to picturesque forests and valleys. And across its mystical and ancient cities with beautiful temples and lively marketplaces, they will welcome everyone to come and experience a unique taste of Nepali life.

What better way to travel this enticing landscape than a biking tour in Nepal?

The Roof of the World

Nepal, known for being the world’s highest region, boasts a rich history of adventurers exploring its terrain. However, the country’s diverse landscapes offer opportunities for cyclists of all skill levels. Whether you’re up for a challenging hill climb or a relaxed ride through serene rhododendron forests, Nepal has something for everyone.

Travellers can also gain a unique perspective into the diverse markets of cities and hilltop towns like Dhulikhel and Nagarkot, exploring by bicycle – making for some truly amazing and memorable group tours.

Biking tour in Nepal
Biking tour around Kathmandu

From the elegant temples and palaces to picturesque riverside villages, there is something to fascinate every taste and level. Marathon cyclists can journey as far as Pokhara from Kathmandu Valley or spend more time admiring the Annapurna view while mountain biking through Chitwan National Park, one of the most famous sites in the region. Here, cyclists can hop off their bikes and engage in several other outdoor activities, from hiking and camping to nature watching.

Many cyclists who choose to go via a group tour will have the chance to cover a long distance each day (depending on fitness and skill level), relax and recoup, take in the sites, and have a chance to meet some truly remarkable people. 

It is the perfect opportunity to make that mountain biking holiday dream come true and see some of the most incredible historical and natural destinations the Roof of the World offers.

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