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Exploring the Climate of Nepal: Weather Patterns and Seasonal Shifts

Nepal’s rich and diverse climate is intricately woven with the country’s breathtaking landscapes, stretching from the tropical Terai plains to the towering, frigid summits of the Himalayas. This climatic variety, deeply influenced by Nepal’s geography, mirrors the nation’s multifaceted topography, making it a haven for travellers and a focal point for climatic studies.

1. The Impact of Geography on the Climate of Nepal

The weather in Nepal is largely shaped by its geographical divisions. The country is partitioned into three main zones: the tropical Terai plains, the temperate hilly midlands, and the frigid Himalayan highlands.

  • Terai Plains: Lying at Nepal’s southern border with India, the Terai boasts a subtropical climate. The summer months sizzle with temperatures frequently crossing 30°C, while winters are milder.
  • Hilly Midlands: Venturing north to places like Kathmandu and Pokhara, the climate transforms into a temperate zone. Winter nights can be crisp, but snow remains a rarity.
  • Himalayan Highlands: This uppermost region, graced by the mighty Himalayas, experiences a predominantly alpine to tundra climate. Sub-zero temperatures dominate much of the year, with many areas draped in snow.

2. The Role of Monsoons in the Weather of Nepal

The climate of Nepal is also significantly impacted by the South Asian monsoon. The monsoon rains drench the Terai and hilly areas from June to September. However, the Himalayan ranges act as a barrier, shielding the northern areas, such as Mustang, which enjoy a drier, rain-shadowed climate.

3. Nepal’s Four Seasons

  • Spring (March to May): A period marked by mild temperatures and vibrant blossoms, ideal for trekking and mountaineering.
  • Summer (June to August): Monsoon-driven, this season sees a spike in humidity and warmth.
  • Autumn (September to November): With monsoons receding, clear skies unveil spectacular mountain vistas. The climate is comfortably cool, beckoning trekkers.
  • Winter (December to February): The Terai maintains a milder warmth as temperatures plummet, especially in the hills and mountains.

4. The Ramifications of Climate Change

The changing global climate casts a looming shadow over Nepal. The receding glaciers, erratic rainfall, and frequent landslides threaten the environment and Nepal’s economy, which is deeply intertwined with agriculture and tourism.


The climate of Nepal, with its intricate weather patterns, enhances its biological diversity and cultural richness. However, it also poses certain challenges that demand sustainable interventions. Understanding Nepal’s weather is key for tourists to fully engage with its natural splendour and embark on memorable adventures.

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