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Exploring Nepal in December: Weather, Activities, and Attractions

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Are you planning to visit Nepal in December? If yes, we have plenty of information about the weather conditions, activities, and attractions you can enjoy during your trip. Let’s delve into all the details!

How cold is Nepal in December?

Nepal is located in the Himalayas, which means it has some of the world’s harshest weather conditions in the high Himalayan mountain ranges. December in Nepal brings a pleasant climate with clear skies and dry weather, making it an ideal time for exploration. While temperatures vary across regions, Kathmandu experiences daytime temperatures averaging around 20°C and nighttime temperatures dropping to around 4°C. In the high Himalayan regions, temperatures can plummet to as low as -10°C, especially at night. Snowfall is common in these areas, adding to the scenic beauty. You can also check current weather conditions online

Is it a good time to visit Nepal in December?

If you consider visiting Nepal in December, you must know there is a chance of snowfall in December, especially in the high mountains, if you plan for a trek. However, if you are looking forward to travelling to Nepal for a high mountain trek above 3000m, it is better to avoid travelling in December.

Activities and Adventures

The weather is cold and dry in winter, especially in December and January, and the days become shorter. It means that many tourists will be heading back home. However, if you want to see the snow-covered mountains, you should go during the winter season of December, January, and February. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of things to do in Nepal during winter. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Trekking Adventures: Although trekking to the base camps of Mount Everest or Mount Annapurna may not be advisable in December due to colder temperatures, there are plenty of alternative routes to explore. Opt for lower-altitude treks such as the Poon Hill hike or the Langtang Valley excursion, which offer stunning views and fewer crowds during this time of year.
  2. Cultural Exploration: Explore Nepal’s rich cultural heritage by visiting sites like Kathmandu Valley, Bhaktapur, Patan, and Lumbini. These places offer insights into Nepal’s history and traditions, with fewer tourists during this time.
  3. Wildlife Encounters: Visit national parks like Chitwan and Bardia to spot diverse wildlife, including Bengal tigers, one-horned rhinoceroses, and various bird species. The dry weather makes it easier to navigate these parks and observe wildlife in their natural habitat.
  4. Helicopter Tours: Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Nepal’s Himalayas with a helicopter tour. Fly over Mount Everest and other iconic peaks, landing on Kalapathar for a breathtaking view of the world’s tallest mountain.
  5. Cultural Festivities: December marks the beginning of winter festivities in Nepal, with celebrations for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Witness the unique blend of cultures and traditions during these joyous occasions.
  6. Affordable Options: Following the bustling high season from September to November, December offers lower prices for lodging and activities. Take advantage of these discounts and enjoy a budget-friendly trip to Nepal without compromising experiences.
  7. Kathmandu Sightseeing: Discover the rich cultural heritage of Kathmandu, Nepal’s vibrant capital city. Explore ancient temples, bustling markets, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Durbar Square, Swayambhunath Stupa (Monkey Temple), and Pashupatinath Temple. Immerse yourself in the city’s history, architecture, and vibrant street life as you wander through its charming alleys and squares.

Travel Tips for December

  • Pack warm clothing, including down coats and woollens, especially for high-altitude treks.
  • Make reservations for accommodations and activities in advance to secure better deals.
  • Carry a hot bag or flask to stay warm during chilly nights.
  • Plan shorter treks or explore low-altitude regions like Lumbini and Chitwan for a more comfortable experience.
  • Be prepared for changing weather conditions and potential flight delays due to inclement weather in certain areas.

By choosing Nepal for your December travel, you can enjoy diverse experiences, from budget-friendly options to awe-inspiring natural wonders. Whether you’re seeking adventure, wildlife encounters, cultural exploration, or simply soaking in the beauty of the Himalayas, Nepal has something to offer every traveller, even during the quieter months.

Nepal in December: Poon Hill Trekking
Nepal in December: Poon Hill Trekking.

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