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Nepal is widely known as a Shangri-la, with nature and a country of magnificence and visible combinations. It has the lowest height of 70 metres above sea level in the south and 8848 metres from Mt. Everest in the north. Thus, it has a variety in altitude that has glanced at our distinctive culture.

The country is well-known for its natural attractiveness in the world, the glowing mountains, verdant gorges and stunning green places with terraced farmlands and hilly foot trails, and the forests full of rare wild lives, including the noble tiger and one horn rhinoceros.

Spiritual uniformity is a special feature of the country. The stunning art and architecture in Nepal recall the creative inventiveness and spiritual; tradition of the people too. The gorgeous lakes and springs are; believed to be the major unique characteristics of the country, and plant-like orchids and rhododendrons are as scenic as you can visualize.

Nepal is truly called a piece of heaven on earth. The country has much to offer travellers, hikers, and natural seekers. The Himalayas’ breathtaking scenic beauty in the northern part of Nepal is exceptional and offers a unique experience to visitors. The stunning cultural diversity, beautiful waterfalls, shimmering rivers, ingenious temples, and snow-capped mountain peaks of the country lure tourists to take a plunge into its beauty and cherish the memories for years to come. The religious homogeneity, beautiful culture, and rich history are the next unique features of the country that visitors can explore by choosing Nepal Holiday packages.

The city of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, with its decade-old Durbar Square and a combination of Buddhist shrines and Hindu temples, offers a mystical tenor to the visitors visiting this place. We at NepalHiking try our best to offer you a lifetime exploration of this magnificent country.

NepalHiking offers incredible trekking, cultural holidays, and tailor-made tour packages with 99.9% customer satisfaction. Our friendly, fully trained teams of guides with extensive knowledge and experience of the country can help you explore the country thoroughly. 

Nepal River Rafting

If you want to have a white-water river rafting experience, Nepal is said to have the best rivers for a one-of-a-kind river rafting experience. After mountain trekking, river rafting is considered one of Nepal’s most adventurous and exciting sports. Moreover, it’s relatively easy and affordable. 

The amalgamation of stunning mountain scenery, picturesque rivers, and rich cultural heritage makes Nepal an ideal destination for river runners.

Nepal Cultural Tour

From rugged foothills and hidden valleys to its richly distinctive architecture and high mountain peaks, Nepal is a land visitors can enjoy on many levels. The country has the power to surprise you on every day of your visit. You will find simple villages, wonderful hospitality, vibrant cities, and national parks to make your trip work and remember forever. 

Nepal’s culture is shaped by two principal religions – Buddhism and Hinduism and different types of religions followed by different ethnic groups. It can make your experience of visiting any village or town wonderful, with many monasteries, stupas, and temples depicting a host of gods and goddesses.

NepalHiking specializes in customized tour packages for families, couples, a group of friends, and solo travellers, ensuring their comfort, safety, and pleasure at a budget-friendly price. Our fully trained team of guides will help you create an itinerary by carefully listening to all your desires and interests and considering your budget and the length of your stay.

If you need help finding a suitable trekking or cultural tour package of interest, please email us at sales@nepalhiking.com.

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