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6 Must-See Places You Can Reach on a Day Hike Near Kathmandu

Hikers on a trail near Kathmandu.

Embracing nature: Day hiking just outside Kathmandu.

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For day hiking near Kathmandu, there are plenty of options for day-hike getaways, whether looking for scenic views of the Himalayas, a challenging trekking route, or something leisurely walking on the hillside.

Check out this guide to the six best day hikes near Kathmandu from river valleys to higher altitudes.

Shivapuri National Park 

Shivapuri National Park is the closest protected area to Kathmandu, making it one of the most popular areas for hikers. This day of hiking offers an easy trek with beautiful forests and mountain views in a peaceful and mesmerizing atmosphere. With great variations in altitude, this trail can be enjoyed by all skill levels, making it ideal for day trips.

Chisapani Nagarkot Hike 

One of the most popular day hikes you can take from Kathmandu is the Chisapani Nagarkot trek. This track will take you through rustic villages, pine and rhododendron forests, and traditional farming terraces. On clearer days, you can enjoy spectacular Himalayan mountain ranges and the sunrise view after ascending to the peak of Nagarkot Hill. 

Phulchoki Hill 

Phulchoki Hill is the highest hill of the Kathmandu Valley, located in the southeastern corner of Lalitpur. This trail offers plenty of flora and fauna, with diverse wildflowers, birds and animals along this path. You can enjoy panoramic views on a clear day. The best way to reach Phulchoki Hill is to start at Jhor Copper farm and take the winding path through forests up to a metal stairway, eventually leading to a Buddhist stupa near its summit.

Kakani Village 

Another must-see spot near Kathmandu is the Kakani Village, on a ridge ascending from the banks of the Trishuli River. The village offers breathtaking 360-degree views with distant snow-capped mountains in the background. You can also spot diverse wildlife, such as monkeys and numerous species of birds. With rolling green hills, clean air and plenty of quaint huts along your path, this trail is perfect for those who want to enjoy a peaceful getaway from city life.

Godavari Hiking Trail

The Godavari Hiking Trail provides a beautiful 8km journey that starts from the outskirts of Kathmandu and ends in the village of Godavari. Along your way, you’ll find centuries-old stupas and monasteries with breathtaking views of the Himalayas. The hike is quite picturesque – from the lush greenery of Sal Hill Forest to wildflowers and other foliage scattered along the trail. It’s a great choice for those who want to explore some culture while exploring nature.


The hike to Chandragiri Hill should be noticed when looking for an unforgettable weekend getaway in Kathmandu. With stunning views of the foothills of the Himalayas, Newari villages, and the nearby Mulkharka hill, this two-hour climb is perfect for nature lovers. After a steep but rewarding hike, you can relax and enjoy amazing views near the summit before returning. Also, you can combine this hike with a cable car ride, as there is a cable car riding service to the hilltop of Chandragiri.

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