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Future RI Convention:
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Langtang Region

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Take a step into the majestic beauty of the Langtang region, where trails wind through terraced fields and meadows surrounded by soaring Himalayan peaks. Explore this iconic Nepalese landscape and experience its breathtaking vistas, diverse wildlife and lush vegetation.

The Langtang region is known for its spectacular mountain views, which include snow-capped peaks and lush valleys. Visitors to the region can explore a diverse range of flora and fauna while trekking through terraced fields and marshy meadows. From vibrant wildflower meadows to tranquil forests, you’ll be enchanted by the beauty of this unique landscape.

Where is Langtang region?

The Langtang region or valley lies just north of Kathmandu. It is one of the most accessible Trekking Routes in Nepal. Thus, people can easily explore this region in a week. Also, this area is less crowded than Annapurna and Everest regions. So, people who love a sound environment will visit this region.

The Langtang region within Langtang National Park is one of the most enchanting and unspoiled regions. That will reward the traveller with memories to last a lifetime. On the other hand, the valley is famous for its flora and fauna, where you will see varieties of flowers blooming in the spring. Similarly, you may see some of its rarest inhabitants, such as the snow leopard and the red panda.

As you climb higher into the wild forest and open mountain valley, you will meet many friendly local people. The friendly locals are Tamang, an indigenous group in the Himalayan region, who will offer you a taste of the local Tamang culture in the villages along the trek route. The view of Langtang, Langtang Lirung, and the glacier is astonishing.

Additionally, you can personalize your trekking experience from one week to three weeks.
For example, for a 7-day trek, you can visit Langtang and Kyanjing Valley by starting your trek from Syabru Bensi. Likewise, for a 10-day trek, you can combine it with the Tamang Heritage Trail. And having a 14-day, you can combine the Langtang trek with Gosainkunda Lake and Lauri Binayak and return to Kathmandu via Helambu. Alternatively, you can do a week of Helambu Valley Trekking, closer to Kathmandu.

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Langtang Valley Trek, Nepal's natural and cultural beauty.

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Trek to Langtang

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