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Nepal Cultural tours

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Nepal  Cultural Tour – A visit to Bhaktapur Durbar Square – A Cultural World’s Heritage Site

Nepal is a land you can enjoy on many levels. You will admire the grandeur of its high mountain peaks, rugged foothills, hidden valleys and opportunities for adventure. Similarly, you will relish the richly distinctive architecture of its towns and villages and the spirituality of its ancient culture.

Nepal is the best tourist destination for family groups and multi tours activities like other countries. It is rich in culture and religion. Various ethnic groups follow different cultures and religions in Nepal. Mainly there’s a majority of Hinduism in Nepal. Nevertheless, other religions, such as Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam, have some influence in Nepal.

In our Nepal Cultural Tour and activities, you will visit colourful towns and traditional rural villages and learn about Nepalese people’s way of living. 

Furthermore, you will visit many cultural heritage sites. They are pagoda-style temples, Buddhist stupas and monasteries, which are wonderfully decorated with paintings and sculptures. Finally, Lord Buddha was born 2500 years ago in Nepal.

There are many sightseeing places or places of tourist attractions in KathmanduPokharaChitwan, Lumbini and many more places. For instance, a sightseeing tour of Kathmandu valley will immediately immerse you in Nepal’s beauty, fascinating culture, and history.

Kathmandu has been a crossroads for travellers for more than two thousand years, a trading point, and a melting pot for cultures throughout the centuries. It remains a vibrant meeting point for people worldwide, with the power to charm, excite and enthral the visitor at every corner, from the sights, sounds and scents of old Kathmandu and the magic of its temples, markets and beautiful open spaces to the green hills beyond and the serenity of the mountain trails. The country will enchant you.

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