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Discover the Ultimate Post-Trek Rejuvenation with the “Spa Package in Kathmandu”

Post-trekking, there’s nothing like a spa day to heal tired muscles and uplift your spirits. In partnership with Mandala Yoga Retreat, Nepal Hiking offers the ultimate “Spa Package in Kathmandu,” a must for trekkers and wellness seekers alike.

Nestled amid Kathmandu’s serene landscapes, our retreat is your haven for holistic healing. Here, old-world Nepali wellness rituals meet modern self-care. The package includes everything from yoga and meditation to sound and reiki healing. Plus, delight your senses with crystal therapy and organic meals. And there’s more—Shirodhara, massages, steam sessions, and beauty treatments await, complemented by delicious organic dishes.

Crafted Just for You

Personalize your experience as you like. Want a soothing massage or sound therapy? How about a steam or a sauna session? You can have both if you’re in the mood! Our menu includes half-day quickies and extended 2-day, 1-night indulgences, so there’s something for everyone.

For the Adventurous Souls

Our full-day trekkers’ package is a masterpiece aimed at those returning from Nepal’s rugged terrains. This package takes self-care to another level, giving special attention to every muscle, ligament, and emotional well-being.

Safety and Comfort

Make yourself a priority. Our spa packages offer not just momentary relief but long-lasting wellness. We ensure your comfort and safety from the moment you step in. A secure key box is available for your valuables so you can fully relax.

Ultimately, our “Spa Package in Kathmandu” is more than a list of treatments; it’s a journey back to yourself. After those challenging mountain trails, consider this your re-entry into relaxation and well-being. Just reach out, and let us take it from there. We’re always here, ready to make your day.

Experience Wellness and Tranquility: Your Guide to Our Spa Packages

Half-Day Spa Package in Kathmandu – USD 100

Noon: Begin your serene journey with a warm check-in and refreshing snacks. 

2:30 PM: Unwind with a Swedish massage that relaxes and rejuvenates. 

2:30–3 PM: Melt away stress in a session of steam/sauna, purifying your skin and body. 

3:30–4:30 PM: Experience Reiki healing therapy, balancing energy flow and enhancing wellness. 

5:00 PM: Feel revitalized as you check out, taking the tranquil aura.

Full-Day Trekkers Spa Package in Kathmandu – USD 150

7 AM: Start your day by checking in and preparing for a day of rejuvenation. 

7:30-9 AM: Strengthen and soothe your body with a morning Yoga class, perfect for the trekker’s body and soul. 

9:30 AM: Savor a nutritious breakfast to refuel for the day. 

11-12:15 AM: Dive into a special trekker massage designed to ease the aches of mountain adventures. 

12:15–12:30 PM: Renew your skin with a body scrub, removing impurities and enhancing softness. 

12:30–1:00 PM: Choose between steam or sauna, each offering a deep cleanse and relaxation. 

1:15 PM: Enjoy a hearty lunch prepared with wellness in mind. 

1:45–2:45 PM: Experience the magic of Shiro-dhara combined with reflexology, targeting key pressure points for relaxation. 

3:30–4:30 PM: Connect with inner peace through sound healing therapy, as harmonic vibrations soothe your spirit. 

5 PM: As your day concludes, feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

2 days, 1 night Spa Package in Kathmandu – USD 160

Day 1: Noon: Warmly check-in, welcoming you to our serene haven. 

1 PM: Relish a delightful lunch to set the tone for your stay. 

3–4 PM: Submit to a therapeutic massage, easing tension and renewing energy.

4–4:30 PM: Detoxify with a session of steam/sauna, preparing you for the evening. 

6:30 PM: Feast on a well-crafted dinner, concluding your first day of relaxation.

Day 2: 7:30-9:00 AM: Greet the morning with a rejuvenating yoga class, aligning mind, body, and soul. 

9:30 AM: Savor a breakfast that nourishes and prepares you for the day. 

10:30 AM: Embark on a guided hiking/walking experience, immersing in the village’s nature and scenic hills. 

1 PM: Refresh with a hearty lunch before your afternoon therapies. 

3–4 PM: In sound healing therapy, restoring balance and tranquillity. 

5 PM: As your rejuvenating journey concludes, check out, carrying the essence of wellness with you.

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