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The Life and Legacy of Tilak: A Short Biography

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Tilak Thapa Magar
Tilak Thapa Magar, the Founder

Tilak Thapa Magar, a renowned visionary leader, philanthropist, founder of Nepal Hiking Pvt. Ltd., and one of the investors and founders of Hotel Kathmandu Suite Home, has profoundly impacted Nepal’s travel industry and local communities. In addition to his successful business ventures, Magar has served as a former politician, dedicated Rotarian, and passionate philanthropist.

==Early Life and Education== 

Tilak Thapa Magar was born in 1973 in the rural village of Jyamrung, Dhading, Nepal. He received his primary education at Lamasthan Primary School and completed his high school education at Achane Secondary School. Magar pursued higher education at Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus, earning a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree Schoolar from the Rural Development of Central Department, Kirtipur, Tribhuvan University.

==Leadership and Community Service== 

Magar’s leadership journey began during his tenure as the President of the Local Government in Neelakantha Municipality- Ward No 11, in Jyamrung, Dhading, Nepal, from May 2017 to May 2022. He dedicated his time and expertise to effective governance and improving the lives of residents, with a strong focus on community development and sustainable growth.

A Certificate of Appreciation from the Neelkantha Municipality
A Certificate of Appreciation from the Neelkantha Municipality

==Rotary Involvement== 

Beyond his political career, Magar actively participates as a Rotarian, embracing the values and principles of Rotary International. He served as the President of a Rotary Club in Kathmandu, spearheading impactful projects and programs that made a lasting impression on society. Magar continues contributing to the Rotary movement, addressing social issues and promoting sustainable development.

Tilak - at Rotary Headquarter
Rotary – International, with a motto ‘”Service Above Self”

==Founding Nepal Hiking Pvt. Ltd.== 

In 2003, Tilak Thapa Magar founded Nepal Hiking Pvt. Ltd. to provide exceptional travel experiences while giving back to the visited communities. His deep love for Nepal and extensive travel industry knowledge have guided the company’s growth. Nepal Hiking Pvt. Ltd. is recognized for its commitment to excellence, responsible tourism practices, and customer satisfaction.

Best tour guide and travel agency in Nepal
Tourism Business Award 2018

==Philanthropy and Community Development== 

Magar is driven by a genuine desire to create a positive impact through philanthropy. Through Nepal Hiking Pvt. Ltd., he actively supports community development initiatives in education, healthcare, and environmental conservation. Magar invests in quality education, scholarships, and infrastructure development, empowering individuals and fostering sustainable community growth. In healthcare, he addresses challenges and promotes better health outcomes in underserved areas. Magar’s commitment to environmental conservation includes promoting responsible tourism practices and partnering with local stakeholders to protect Nepal’s natural beauty and biodiversity.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Distribution of laptops in a community school in Dhading for girls’ empowerment in Quality Education (As per SDG Goal 4).

==Legacy and Inspiration== 

Tilak Thapa Magar’s leadership, entrepreneurship, and dedication to community service have inspired many. Through his involvement in various fields, he has shaped Nepal Hiking Pvt. Ltd. into a company that provides extraordinary travel experiences and positively impacts society. Magar’s philanthropic endeavours and adherence to Rotary principles set an example, emphasizing the importance of leadership, service, and responsible business practices.

Under Magar’s guidance, Nepal Hiking Pvt. Ltd. will continue to thrive, delivering exceptional travel experiences and fostering sustainable development. His visionary leadership and unwavering passion for community empowerment ensure the company will leave a lasting and meaningful impact in Nepal and beyond.

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