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Travelling to Tibet is an unforgettable experience—but it’s important to be well informed before embarking on this incredible adventure. So don’t miss the crucial details of your ideal Tibet Tour! This comprehensive guide will educate you on what to expect, provide valuable tips for a smooth journey, and help ensure nothing gets missed.

Learn About the Climate and the Best Time to Visit Tibet.

When planning your Tibet Tour, it’s important to understand the climate. The weather in Tibet can vary greatly depending on the season and altitude. For the most pleasant experience, travel during the summer or early autumn when temperatures are generally mild and comfortable. However, bring plenty of warm clothing for higher elevations any time of year, as temperatures will drop significantly and quickly due to Tibet’s unique dramatic elevation changes.

Prepare Necessary Introduction Documentations.

Before you can embark on your Tibet Tour, special permission is required for travel. This will involve obtaining a China Entry Visa and the Tibet Travel Permit or Alien’s Travel Permit from the China-Tibet Tourism Bureau for international travellers. As part of this procedure, you will be asked to provide necessary documentation such as passport copies, travel route information, flight/train ticket booking confirmation and identification from your tour guide or tour operator. To ensure everything goes smoothly, it’s best to submit all the appropriate documents ahead of time so that all paperwork can be processed before the start of your journey.

Find Out What Attractions You Want to Include in Your Trip. 

Before your Tibetan tour starts, you must know what attractions and temples you want to include in the itinerary. Common attractions for visitors include Potala Palace in Lhasa, Mount Kailash, Gyantse Dzong, Yamdrok Yumtso Lake and Shigatse monastery. It’s helpful to research each site beforehand so that when you arrive at certain locations, you know its historical significance and get the most from your journey.

Arrange Transportation and Accommodation Options Beforehand.

It’s advisable to arrange transportation and accommodation before your trip to save you time and energy from fussing over details during your tour. When organizing flights, train tickets and hotels, make sure they are booked in advance – prices will skyrocket the closer you get to the departure date. Additionally, see what other transportation options are available, such as local cars and buses – it’ll allow you to explore Tibet better when you have a more flexible transport schedule.

Determine Budget, Currencies Accepted, and Visa Requirements Ahead of Time.

Before planning your Tibet tour, it’s essential to understand the currency accepted, transportation cost, associated travel fees, and visa requirements. Before booking any services, research costs and determine reasonable budget ceilings. Also, check with your hotel or bank if they accept foreign credit cards in Tibet. This way, you can avoid carrying large amounts of cash on the go if needed.

Some recommended Tibet Tours!

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A serene view of Mansarovar Lake nestled amidst the towering Himalayan mountains, reflecting a pristine and spiritual ambiance.

Explore Mansarovar Lake and Mt. Kailash from Simikot

18 days
Availability : On Request
Home » Tibet Tour Estimated reading time: 3 minutes Embark on a Spiritual Odyssey: ‘Explore Mansarovar Lake and Mt. Kailash from Simikot’ In a world forever at a fast pace, the pilgrimage to explore Mansarovar Lake and Mt. Kailash from Simikot unfolds as a timeless retreat, a precious chance to decelerate and immerse oneself in […]
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Special Offer
Scenic view of Mount Kailash in Tibet, surrounded by majestic peaks.

Kailash Group Tour starting from Kathmandu

10 days
Availability : October 2023
Home » Tibet Tour Estimated reading time: 3 minutes In a world where spirituality intertwines with breathtaking natural landscapes, the “Kailash group tour starting from Kathmandu” stands as a beacon of divine adventure, offering a journey that resonates with both your spirit and your love for the great outdoors. Nestled amid the grandeur of the […]
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Kathmandu - Lhasa Driving tour

Kathmandu – Lhasa Tour

8 days
Availability : Every Saturday
Home » Tibet Tour Estimated reading time: 2 minutes Experience the enchanting journey from the heart of Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, to the mystical land of Lhasa in Tibet. This 7-night 8, days Kathmandu – Lhasa Overland Tour offers an unforgettable adventure, taking you through diverse landscapes, ancient monasteries, and cultural landmarks. Discover this region’s rich […]
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Special Offer
Scenic view of Mount Kailash in Tibet, surrounded by majestic peaks.

Saga Dawa Festival Tour in Kailash

14 days
Availability : May 2024 & June 2025
Home » Tibet Tour Estimated reading time: 2 minutes Saga Dawa is an important festival Buddhists celebrate, particularly in Tibet and other regions of the Himalayas. The celebration takes place on the full moon day in the fourth Tibetan month, usually in May or June.Saga Dawa commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and passing away of Gautama […]
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Mount Everest viewed from Rongbuk, showcasing its majestic presence in the Himalayas.

Everest Base Camp Jeep Tour in Tibet

08 days
Availability : All year round
Home » Tibet Tour Everest Base Camp Jeep Tour in Tibet offers you some of the most amazing scenery, Tibetan villages, charming views of the Himalayas, and much more. This holiday is a blending of a culturally and naturally rewarding journey. First, a visit to important places of interest in Tibet, including cultural, historical and […]
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