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Be a Sherpa Porter in an Everest Base Camp Trek

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Be a Sherpa Porter in an Everest Base Camp trek

Be a Sherpa Porter in an Everest Base Camp Trek
Take the Sherpa Challenge

Before letting you know about a Sherpa porter, let’s talk about who the Sherpa are! The Sherpa are an ethnic group of mountain inhabitants living on the borders of Nepal and Tibet. Also, the name Sherpa refers to “people living in the East.” They were originally traders of salt and wool, herders of yaks and cows and farmers to make their living. Mainly they grow potatoes, buckwheat and barely.

They belong to Tibetan culture and speak the Sherpa language as their mother tongue, similar to the Tibetan language. However, most Sherpas living in Nepal speak Nepali and their mother languages.

Most Nepalese Sherpa people live in Solukhumbu district in the east part of Kathmandu, Nepal, at an elevation between approximately 3400 – 4300 metres above sea level.

In 1953, the Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary reached the summit of the world’s tallest Mountain, the Mount. For Everest, the word Sherpa became famous worldwide for the first time. Then, the word “Sherpa” became synonymous with a climber, guide, strong sherpa porter, and supporter and became synonymous with the best friend of foreign climbers. Thus, climbers have trust in the Sherpa people.

They are skilful in mountaineering and trustworthy and honest with integrity. Equally important to share is that the youngest person to reach Everest’s summit was a Sherpa boy named Temba Tsheri. He was just 16 years when he reached the summit in 2001.

Be a Sherpa Porter in an Everest Base Camp Trek

Take the Sherpa Challenge being a porter.

Suppose you would like to experience the life of a Sherpa and become a real Sherpa Porter on an Everest Base Camp Trek. In that case, we now offer this experience to our most adventurous customers who are booked to enjoy an Everest Base Camp trek.

When you are ready for this unforgettable adventure experience, we will give you a basket or duffle bag of trekking supplies to carry on your trek to experience the Sherpa Porter life. It will weigh up to 25 kg, and to complete the challenge, you must carry the basket for at least 30 minutes.

Once you have enjoyed your experience as a Sherpa Porter and completed the challenge, we will give you a certificate from the company confirming that you completed your Sherpa Porter mission. We will also offer a T-shirt as a gift from our company which reads: “I was a Sherpa Porter in Nepal” if you manage to carry the basket of supplies for the full 30 minutes. Will you be strong enough? Who knows, maybe this fun challenge during your time at Everest Base Camp could start a brand new career path!


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