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Exploring Boudhanath Stupa – A Sacred Buddhist Site

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Boudhanath Stupa has been a beautiful religious site in the Kathmandu Valley for over 2,500 years. With its white-washed dome, striking mandala pattern and twin eyes of the Buddha watching over its entrance, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is an important holy spot for Buddhism.

History and Background of Boudhanath Stupa

The Buddhists claim that the stupa was built in 250 BCE, during the reign of King Ashoka. While the stupa has been rebuilt and renovated several times over the centuries, it stands 36 meters (118 feet) high today. It comprises four tiers with a dome, surrounded by hundreds of prayer flags. The main entrance connected to all four directions has statues of two dharmachakra or Seto Machindranath and Saraswati. This entrance signifies Boudhanath’s spiritual importance to Buddhism.

Learn About the Ancient Tibetan Trade Route

Not only is Boudhanath widely revered by Buddhists, but it was also an important hub of the ancient Tibetan trade route, connecting Tibet with India, China, and Kashmir. It is thought that traders would carry their wares around the stupa for good fortune or in hopes of favour from the deity who resides there. It is part of Nepali history, culture, economy, and Buddhism.

See the Grandeur of Boudhanath Stupa up Close

Explore the grandeur of Boudhanath Stupa up close:

  1. First, take plenty of pictures and respect this beautiful and sacred site.
  2. Then, climb the many steps to get an amazing view at the top.
  3. Enjoy the unique om mani Padme hum calligraphy embedded in prayer flags near the main collection of prayer wheels, integral to Buddhist tradition.

Visit the Depictions of Buddhist Icons and Offerings at the Site

Explore the intricately carved depictions of Buddha, Avalokitesvara, Bodhisattva, and other deities in prayer wheels, images, and ritual items at Boudhanath Stupa. Offerings such as candles, fruits and flowers are also abundant throughout the area as devotees pay their respects to the divine power they believe resides here. Amidst all these offerings, one feels blessed and renewed after visiting this special place.

Explore the Spiritual Vibe Around Boudhanath Stupa

Experience the spiritual vibe surrounding Boudhanath Stupa as you explore its ancient wonders. Walk around its Circumambulations and absorb the positive energy emanating from its holy grounds. As devotees chant sacred mantras and perform spinning of prayer wheels, this energy further enhances your senses and strengthens your faith in Buddhism’s teachings. Let go of all your worries and troubles as you feel immersed in this sacred space.

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