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Dashain Festival: Celebrating Unity and Renewal in Nepal

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Nepal, a land of diverse cultures and traditions, celebrates Dashain, also known as Vijaya Dashami, with great zeal and enthusiasm. This festival holds immense significance in Nepalese society, intertwining religious and cultural elements. Dashain strengthens familial bonds and offers an intriguing glimpse into the rich tapestry of Nepal’s heritage. 

In this article post, we will study the essence of Dashain, its celebratory traditions, and its potential influence on the tourism industry.

Festive essentials for Dashain: A tray displaying yellow incense sticks, red vermilion powder (tika), yellow paste, and fresh marigold and other flowers, commonly used during the Dashain festival in Nepal to bless and honor family members.
Dashain Festival Offerings: Vibrant vermilion tika powder, yellow paste, incense sticks, and fresh marigold flowers, essential for Nepal’s most celebrated festival.

The Significance of Dashain

Dashain, Nepal’s longest and most significant festival, lasts 15 days and generally falls in September or October, depending on the lunar calendar. It commemorates the goddess Durga’s conquest of the demon Mahishasura, symbolizing the victory of righteousness over malevolence. Additionally, it marks the victory of the legendary hero Lord Ram over the demon king Ravan.

For Nepalese, Dashain holds profound religious and cultural significance. It’s a time when families come together, regardless of their geographical location, to celebrate unity, love, and blessings. Elders put tika (a mixture of yoghurt, rice, and vermillion) on the foreheads of their juniors as a blessing, and they exchange jamara (barley grass) as a symbol of prosperity. The blessings received during Dashain are believed to ward off evil and bring good fortune.

Tourism Perspective

Dashain undoubtedly plays a crucial role in Nepal’s tourism industry. Tourists who visit Nepal during this time get a unique opportunity to witness and immerse themselves in the country’s vibrant culture and traditions. The festivals provide a colourful backdrop to a traveller’s journey, offering a deeper connection to the local way of life.

Tourists can participate in various Dashain rituals, such as receiving tika and jamara from Nepalese families, observing the animal sacrifices at temples, and enjoying the festive atmosphere in the streets. This cultural exchange fosters a sense of cultural appreciation and understanding, leaving visitors with lasting memories.

Celebration of Dashain

Dashain festivities start with Ghatasthapana, the ceremonial sowing of barley seeds in sand and clay pots. The following days involve:

  • Cleaning and worshipping the goddess Durga.
  • Culminating in a grand celebration on the tenth day.
  • Vijaya Dashami.

During Vijaya Dashami, families gather to receive blessings from their elders, offer dakshina (a token of respect) to their juniors, and exchange gifts and good wishes. Public celebrations include flying kites and animal sacrifices at temples, symbolizing the victory of good over evil. The festival concludes with the immersion of idols of goddess Durga in rivers.


Dashain, Nepal’s most significant festival, celebrates unity, love, and blessings. It holds great importance in Nepalese society, intertwining religious and cultural elements. From a tourism perspective, Dashain offers a unique opportunity for travellers to immerse themselves in Nepal’s rich cultural heritage. Witnessing the vibrant celebrations and participating in traditional rituals can be an enriching experience, fostering cultural appreciation and understanding.

As you plan your visit to Nepal, consider timing it with the Dashain festival to witness this extraordinary celebration of unity and renewal.

Experience the magic of Dashain in Nepal and create memories that will last a lifetime!

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