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Information about Nepal

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Information about Nepal – Naturally, Nepal

About Nepal – Nepal Hiking and Trekking Tour

Information About Nepal

Nepal is an epicentre of never-ending festivals and frolic that transcends from the temporal to the eternal World. For many, Nepal symbolizes an ultimate adventure destination rarely found anywhere else in the World. And, for others, Nepal appears to be a Shangri-La – the Lost Horizon that has been far from reality, clustered with deities and demons waiting for offerings. However, Nepal has diverse arrays of tourism products – a rare combination of mysticism, mystery, mountain and merriment.

Guerrilla Trek

Nepal Government recently launched Guerrilla Trekking Trail, allowing trekkers to retrace the guerillas’ footsteps. Maoists used this trekking trail during “The People’s War. The Guerrilla Trek, a two-week to four-week hike depending on the itinerary, stretches across central and western Nepal and is designed to draw in more foreigners as the Himalayan nation seeks to rebuild an economy through tourism. Similarly, the Government has launched 1700 kilometre long Great Himalayan Trail. The trail begins near Kanchenjunga on the eastern border and heads west, navigating the domains of eight of the World’s 8000 meters peaks, from the beautiful but lesser-known Makalu to the famous Everest. It ends in Humla on the Tibetan border.

Nepal is now on the threshold of making a new constitution with a consensus from all political parties imbibing the spirit of democracy. All political parties have repeatedly reiterated their commitment to peace in the country, assuring the tourism community of creating a conducive atmosphere for business. Tourism is the top priority of the Government of Nepal.

Nepal is all about the true feeling of hospitality, smiling people, festivals throughout the year, extreme adventure and air sports, meditation and many more.

Learn more about Nepal.

information About Nepal

Nepal, wedged between China in the north and India in the south, east and west, is a country of 32 million people. Though small in geographical size, Nepal has an astonishing diversity of sightseeing attractions in nature and culture. From the tallest mountain peak in the World to the thickest jungle in South Asia, Nepal has never ceased to amaze all who have seen or heard about it.

Nepal is a secular country with the predominant confluence of two great religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. It is the land of Lord Buddha, a symbol of world peace, born about 2550 years ago at Lumbini. With more than 103 ethnic groups and 93 spoken languages, Nepal is naturally pure, tranquil, culturally unique and diverse.

The Kathmandu valley represents a mosaic of Nepal’s rich cultural past and abounds in breathtaking architectural subtlety, with 7 cultural World Heritage Sites within 20 kilometres. As Kathmandu valley is a symbolic model of Pagoda, Stupa, cultural or architectural excellence, Pokhara, a scenic town, is a getaway into the lap of nature with close mountain views, lakeside experience and tranquil nature. Chitwan, another tourism hot spot, is a jungle experience in the forest teeming with tropical wildlife.

The Nepal Himalayas is crowned by 8 of the World’s 14 highest mountains, including the jewel in the crown, Mt. Everest, standing tall at 88848 meters, the highest point on earth. That’s not all. More than 1300 peaks are scattered across the length and breadth of the country.

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