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Modern Gadgets That Will Improve Your Nepal Hike

People travel to Nepal for all kinds of reasons. Whether you want to visit all of the rural tea houses or see the Himalayas, there is something for every taste in this beautiful, underappreciated Nation. If you intend to trek through Nepal, you need to pack carefully to make sure you optimize your experience.

The right technology and gadgets can make your trip infinitely better. Most modern travelers rely on technology and gadgets for daily life. Tech can help you stay safe and connected to loved ones. Tech also lets you manage flights, reservations, and planning details. You don’t need to bring your entire home office with you to Nepal. A few special pieces of technology are all you need to maximize your trip.

GPS Systems Ensure You Won’t Get Lost

Trails throughout Nepal are relatively well-traveled and marked. However, if you have a bad sense of direction or don’t feel like learning the language, carrying a GPS system is ideal. Unless you have international service, your cell phone may not operate ideally in rural areas in Nepal. That means you can’t rely on your cell phones GPS.

Thankfully, GPS systems are much more affordable and accurate than years ago. Investing in one now will help ensure that you stay safe on your trip. That way, not only can you figure out where you’re going, you can mark all the favorite places you’ve been.

Digital Cameras Can Capture Unforgettable Moments

Sure, smartphones and some tablets have very nice cameras built-in. However, cameras aren’t primarily intended for picture taking. Sometimes, you may be on your phone when a photo opportunity arises. Other times, your phone might be charging or running low on battery. Investing in a high-quality digital camera is a smart move for an international traveler.

A digital camera helps ensure you can quickly and efficiently capture images on your truck. More importantly, if you pack a replacement memory card, you don’t have to worry about storage space on your phone. Instead, you can snap hundreds or thousands of pictures of your beautiful hike.

Charging Backpacks Keep Your Gadgets Alive and Functional

There’s no point in bringing along all your gadgets if you can’t actually use them. Thankfully, there are now backpacks that have charging ports. If you intend to use your devices while hiking, they may drain the battery before you reach your destination. A charging backpack helps ensure you can keep batteries full on all your devices. You can then charge the backpacks battery units when you stop at tea houses or other overnight accommodations.


It is possible to travel Nepal on a shoestring budget, especially if you intended to hike. The beautiful views and unique local culture are just two reasons to make Nepal your next destination.  Planning ahead and bringing the right technology with you can make the trip much simpler and more enjoyable. With a charging backpack, a GPS, and a digital camera, you can make the most of your time in Nepal and ensure you have beautiful memories to take home.

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