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Tourists posing after a challenging hike in Nepal.

Travelling abroad is popular for many young adults and students, whether heading off for a gap-year expedition before university or simply a chance to discover and explore a new and exciting environment. The chance to develop life skills, meet new people, and contribute to a community are all extremely valuable goals for young people, especially in a different country. Nepal is one of the ideal destinations for this reason.

With its spectacular mountains, picturesque forests and lush river valleys, there is an unlimited variety of exciting landscapes. Young and outdoor adventurer lovers can plunge into mountain biking, hiking, trekkingclimbing and camping, hang-gliding, rafting, horseback riding and many more adventurous activities in Nepal. 

Nepal is truly the nature lover’s playground, and sites like Chitwan National Park and Everest Base Camp are a huge draw for young backpackers getting their first taste of the big, wide world. And because other youngsters are travelling from various other corners of the planet, making friends is easier than ever, especially when trekking on a group tour.

Nepal is a cultural paradise!

As well as the breathtaking vistas that crown Nepal’s heights, the country’s bustling centres like the capital city of Kathmandu and other cities like Pokhara beckon with their myriad cultural delights. Just as the rural, remote villages are warm and welcoming, the city centres celebrate visitors who marvel at the lively marketplaces, beautiful palaces and treasured temples. Moreover, Nepal’s vast history and spiritual legacy – intimately tied to Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism and Bon – make it an irresistible draw.

Nepal may have its distinct cultural background, but anyone who chooses to make the Roof of the World their home, even temporarily, will find a place to fit in. And for young students, opportunities abound. Whether engaging in a Kathmandu Valley camping expedition, interning with a local tour operator, or assisting in building schools, youths gain invaluable skills in work ethic and teamwork, alongside a profound sense of pride from making a difference.
Nepal awaits, along with the next big stage of life.
Enjoy your activities with the promotion of Nepal Tourism!


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