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Nepal Visa: Essential Information and Guidelines

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Nepal Tourist Visa Information
“Gateway to the Himalayas: Know Your Nepal Tourist Visa Essentials”.

Nepal Tourist Visa Guide

Planning a travel to the picturesque landscapes of Nepal? Here’s everything you need to know about obtaining a Nepal tourist visa and other associated visa categories.

Nepal Tourist Visa Basics:

  • Requirements: A Nepal tourist visa is mandatory for anyone planning a vacation to Nepal.
  • Duration: Initially valid for your chosen period (15, 30, or 90 days), it’s extendable multiple times but shouldn’t cross 150 days within a calendar year.
  • Exceptions: Tourists from countries including Nigeria, Ghana, and Zimbabwe, among others, should secure their Nepal tourist visa before arrival. On-the-spot visas at Ports of Entry don’t apply to them.
  • Issuance: While the Immigration Officer at the Port of Entry can issue a Nepal tourist visa, Nepalese diplomatic missions (Embassies and Consulates) abroad are also authorized.
  • Extension: If you’re mesmerized by Nepal and decide to extend your stay, contact the Department of Immigration in Kathmandu or Pokhara.
  • Fees: Depending on your stay’s length, Nepal tourist visa fees are set at USD 30 (15 days), USD 50 (30 days), or USD 125 (90 days). 

Other Visa Types:

  • Diplomatic Visa: Designed for formal tasks and duties. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs grants this visa, and its extension depends on the length of the specific diplomatic assignment.
  • Marriage Visa: Tied the knot with a Nepali citizen? The Director General from the Department of Immigration will provide you with a marriage visa, valid for up to one year at once.
  • Business Visa: For entrepreneurs and investors keen on Nepal’s opportunities. Seek endorsement from relevant Nepal Government Departments, and the visa can be yours for up to five years.
  • Transit Visa: Travelers passing through Nepal’s Tribhuvan International Airport en route to other destinations. This 24-hour visa costs US$ 5.
  • Non-Residential Visa: For those of Nepalese origin returning for various reasons. It’s extendable from one year up to ten.
  • Residential Visa: Stay, invest, and contribute to Nepal’s growth. Investors with at least one hundred thousand dollars are eligible.
  • Student Visa: For international students or educators in Nepal. Extension options are available based on the study or teaching period.

Regarding visa updates and notices, please visit this link.

For any further inquiries on the Nepal tourist visa, other visa types, or general visa policies of Nepal, feel free to contact sales@nepalhiking.com

Safe travels!

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Last Update: 15/08/2023

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