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Things to Do At Patan Darbar Square, Nepal

Patan Darbar Square

Patan Darbar Square

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Patan Darbar Square is a hidden gem in Nepal. It offers a captivating glimpse into the country’s vibrant past and culture, with spectacular temples and monuments crammed into an ancient city square. From shopping for unique souvenirs to exploring historical buildings, here are 10 must-dos that any visitor should check off their list while in Patan Darbar Square.

Visit the 17th-century Royal Palace.

Located in the centre of the square, the Royal Palace dates back to the 17th century and is a striking example of traditional Nepali architecture. The palace has many carvings adorning its walls and two impressive courtyards where ancient ceremonies used to be held. Stroll around this magnificent building to soak up the traditional culture and marvel at its intricate details.

Stroll around in time with a visit to Kumari Bahal.

One of the unique things to do at Patan Darbar Square is visited, Kumari Bahal. It is an exquisitely crafted building dedicated to the living goddess, Kumari. Inside the building, incredible wooden statues and detailed murals tell stories from Nepal’s ancient mythology. Get lost in a world of culture and beauty as you marvel at this incredible piece of history.

Take a stroll around the Patan Durbar Square area.

As you stroll around Patan Durbar Square, you will see amazing architecture, including the Malla kings’ temples and palaces. The square also houses some incredible Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain monuments like the Krishna Temple, built in 1637 AD and the Bhimsen Temple dating back to 1520 AD. Remember to take time out to take pictures of these ancient architectural marvels!

Gaze up at the magnificent Hiranya Varna Mahavihar temple complex and its many golden spires.

A must-visit at Patan Darbar Square is the majestic Hiranya Varna Mahavihar temple complex, known as The Golden Temple. This mesmerizing Buddhist monastery was built in the 12th century, and its four ornamented gold-plated brick towers embody Nepal’s equally splendid culture and heritage. Make sure to greet the resident Monks, who cheerfully welcome photographers so you can capture a few snapshots of this revered site!

Explore Mul Chowk and its surrounding courtyards filled with intricate carvings and patterns in wood, stone, and terracotta artwork.

Within Mul Chowk lie many courtyards and halls adorned with various pillars and carvings, each decorated differently. Each courtyard is dedicated to a different Hindu god. Travellers can explore the courtyards filled with wood and stone carvings of several centuries-old and intricately made terracotta artwork. Get up close to appreciate the level of detail used in crafting these pieces – discovering them all is an adventure!

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