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The Best Hiking Trails in the World: A Journey Beyond Boundaries

Two hikers with backpacks standing on a mountain trail, overlooking snow-capped peaks during sunrise.

Embracing the majesty: Hikers pause to soak in the breathtaking panorama of snow-kissed peaks at dawn.

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World’s Wanderlust Trails: The Ultimate Guide to the Most Captivating Hiking Trails Destinations Across the Globe

Hiking is not just about pushing one’s physical limits; it explores the world’s most breathtaking spectacles. From towering mountain ranges and dense forests to ancient routes and mesmerizing coastlines, every journey reveals stories of the natural world and the footsteps of those who tread before. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or planning your next escapade, dive into our guide on the best hiking trails in the world. Grab your gear and join us on this exhilarating adventure through the globe’s premier paths!

1. The Inca Trail, Peru:

Unveiling the mysteries of the ancient Incan civilization, this iconic 4-day trek culminates at the spectacular ruins of Machu Picchu. As you ascend through cloud forests and alpine tundras, history and nature intertwine in a mesmerizing dance.

2. The Appalachian Trail, USA:

One of the longest hiking-only trails globally, this 2,200-mile journey traverses 14 states, from Georgia to Maine. Discover the diverse American landscapes, from dense forests and clear streams to wildflower fields and majestic mountains.

3. Tour du Mont Blanc, France, Italy, and Switzerland:

Looping around the Mont Blanc massif, this 10-day trail offers an unparalleled Alpine experience. Marvel at the stunning glaciers, sleep in cosy mountain huts and relish the exquisite European cuisines.

4. Milford Track, New Zealand:

Heralded as the ‘finest walk in the world,’ this 4-day trek guides you through the heart of Fiordland National Park. New Zealand’s beauty is fully displayed, from serene lakes and cascading waterfalls to the majestic Mackinnon Pass.

5. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania:

The highest peak in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro beckons hikers with its snow-capped summit. As you ascend, you’ll experience five distinct ecological zones, witnessing the mountain’s myriad faces and its breathtaking summit sunrise.

6. The Camino de Santiago, Spain:

More than just a trail, the Camino is a spiritual pilgrimage leading to the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral. While there are many routes, each journey promises cultural experiences, historic landmarks, and deep introspection.

7. The Overland Track, Australia:

Tasmania’s World Heritage Wilderness Area is showcased brilliantly in this 6-day trek. From Cradle Mountain’s rugged beauty to Lake St. Clair, Australia’s deepest freshwater lake, nature’s wonders never amaze.

8. Kungsleden, Sweden:

Also known as ‘The King’s Trail,’ this 270-mile path traverses one of Europe’s last wilderness areas. Expect vast Arctic landscapes, the mesmerizing Northern Lights, and a deep connection with the untamed nature of Swedish Lapland.

9. The Great Wall of China, China:

Step into history as you hike along this ancient fortification. While it’s impossible to trek the entire 13,000 miles, select sections like Jinshanling to Simatai offer stunning vistas and a glimpse into China’s past.

10. GR20, Corsica:

Often considered Europe’s most challenging trek, the GR20 is a true stamina test. It offers rugged terrains, crystal-clear lakes, and unforgettable vistas across Corsica.

Where earth meets sky: The vast tapestry of undulating ridges and majestic snow-capped peaks is a testament to nature’s grandeur.

Best Hiking Trails in Nepal

Beyond Everest: Nepal’s Most Captivating Hiking Trails

Nestled in the heart of the mighty Himalayas, Nepal is more than just the gateway to Mount Everest. With its diverse topography, rich culture, and unparalleled mountain vistas, Nepal offers many hiking trails suitable for beginners and seasoned trekkers. Let’s embark on a journey through the breathtaking trails of this Himalayan paradise.

1. Everest Base Camp Trek:

No list would be complete without this iconic trail. Taking you to the foot of the world’s tallest mountain, this 12-14-day trek offers mesmerizing views of peaks like Ama Dablam, Lhotse, and Nuptse. En route, experience Sherpa culture in vibrant villages like Namche Bazaar.

2. Annapurna Circuit:

One of Nepal’s most popular treks, the Annapurna Circuit, takes you through diverse landscapes, from subtropical forests and terraced rice paddies to alpine meadows and high deserts. The trek can take 12 to 21 days, depending on your itinerary.

3. Langtang Valley Trek:

Ideal for those with limited time, this 7-10-day trek offers a beautiful journey through dense forests, traditional villages, and alpine meadows, all while providing captivating views of the Langtang Himal range.

4. Manaslu Circuit Trek:

An underrated gem, this 14-18 day trek circles Mount Manaslu, the eighth-highest mountain in the world. Its remote trails, ancient monasteries, and challenging Larke Pass make it a thrilling journey for experienced trekkers.

5. Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek:

Perfect for beginners or those with a tight schedule, this 4-6 day trek offers panoramic views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges, especially enchanting during sunrise from Poon Hill.

6. Upper Mustang Trek:

A journey into the former kingdom of Lo, this trek offers a stark landscape reminiscent of Tibetan plateaus. With its unique culture, centuries-old monasteries, and intriguing caves, the 12-15-day trek feels like stepping back in time.

7. Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek:

For those seeking solitude, the trails leading to the base of the world’s third-highest mountain, Kanchenjunga, are perfect. This 20-24 day trek, less crowded than its counterparts, offers pristine landscapes and the chance to spot rare wildlife.

8. Gokyo Ri Trek:

An alternative to the traditional EBC route, this 12-15 day trek takes you to the Gokyo Valley, home to emerald glacial lakes and stunning views of Everest from the Gokyo Ri vantage point.

9. Rara Lake Trek:

Venture into the remote Northwestern side of Nepal to discover Rara Lake, the largest lake in Nepal. This 10-14-day trek showcases untouched forests, rare fauna, and a serene, azure-blue lake surrounded by green hills.

10. Dolpo Circuit:

Explore the wild, remote terrains of the Dolpo region with this challenging 18-28 day trek. With its ancient Tibetan culture, the stunning Phoksundo Lake, and views of the Dhaulagiri range, it’s a trek worth every step.


Nepal’s hiking trails are a testament to its incredible diversity, offering a range of experiences from challenging high-altitude treks to serene strolls through lush valleys. As you lace up your hiking boots and choose a path, remember that every trail in Nepal is not just a journey across the land but a voyage through history, culture, and nature’s grandeur.

Best Hiking Trails around Kathmandu

Capital Adventures: Top Hiking Trails Around Kathmandu

Kathmandu, the pulsating heart of Nepal, is not just a bustling city of historical sites and vibrant culture. Fringed by majestic hills and traditional villages, Kathmandu Valley also boasts an array of scenic hiking trails suitable for day hikers and those seeking longer treks. These trails are perfect for escaping urban clamour and embracing nature without venturing far from the capital.

1. Nagarjun Hill Hike:

The Nagarjun Forest Reserve is a tranquil retreat just a short drive from the city. A 2-3 hour hike will take you to Nagarjun Hill’s summit, which offers panoramic views of Kathmandu Valley and the distant Himalayan peaks.

2. Champa Devi Hike:

Starting from Pharping village, this 5-6 hour round trip hike takes you to Champa Devi Hill. Besides the stunning views of the central and western Himalayan ranges, the hike also offers a visit to the Champa Devi temple, an important pilgrimage site.

3. Shivapuri National Park:

A biodiversity hotspot, Shivapuri offers multiple hiking trails. The popular trail to Baghdwar takes around 5-6 hours and traverses through dense forests past refreshing springs, culminating in a view encompassing both the sprawling valley and towering peaks.

4. Namo Buddha Hike:

This historic site, significant in Buddhist tradition, can be reached by a serene hiking route that starts from Panauti. The 3-4 hour hike combines cultural experience and scenic beauty with lush landscapes and the ancient Namo Buddha monastery at the end.

5. Phulchowki Hill Hike:

Phulchowki, the highest hill surrounding Kathmandu, offers a challenging but rewarding hike. The hike from Godavari Botanical Gardens can take 5-6 hours round trip. The summit presents a magnificent view of the Himalayan range.

6. Sundarijal to Chisapani Hike:

This trail, suitable for an overnight trek, takes you through the Shivapuri National Park, offering waterfalls, forests, and a visit to the Tamang village of Mulkharka. Chisapani, the endpoint, gives a panoramic view of the northern and eastern Himalayas.

7. Dhulikhel to Namobuddha Hike:

A blend of natural beauty and cultural experience, this 4-5 hour hike connects the picturesque town of Dhulikhel with the sacred Namo Buddha stupa. You’ll be treated to terraced fields, traditional villages, and Himalayan vistas.


The trails surrounding Kathmandu are a testament to the region’s rich natural beauty and cultural heritage. Each hike offers a refreshing escape from the city’s hustle and a deeper understanding of Nepal’s diverse landscapes and traditions. Whether you have a few hours or days, the hills around Kathmandu await to share their stories and sights.

Note to readers: Always ensure you’re adequately prepared with proper maps or local guides, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the terrain. It’s also advisable to inform someone about your hiking plans and expected return time.

Pokhara’s Panoramas: Must-Do Hikes Around Nepal’s Lake City

Pokhara, often dubbed the ‘Adventure Capital of Nepal,’ is not just a gateway to the Annapurna region but also a hiker’s paradise in its own right. Bordered by pristine lakes and offering uninterrupted views of the towering Himalayan peaks, the hikes around Pokhara promise to take your breath away. Here’s a list of top day hikes from this picturesque city.

1. Sarangkot Sunrise Hike:

One of the most popular hikes, Sarangkot, offers an unparalleled sunrise view against the backdrop of the Annapurna range. Starting from Pokhara, it’s a 2-3 hour hike uphill, though many choose to drive and then hike the last portion.

2. World Peace Pagoda (Shanti Stupa) Hike:

Starting from the southern shore of Phewa Lake, this hike takes you up to the World Peace Pagoda. The hike requires roughly 2 hours of uphill trekking. It offers panoramic views of the lake, Pokhara city, and the Himalayan range.

3. Naudanda Hike:

For those wanting to expand their Sarangkot sunrise hike, Naudanda is an extension that takes you through traditional villages with terraced fields. This 3-4 hour trek from Sarangkot offers a cultural experience and scenic beauty.

4. Begnas Lake Hike:

Located far from the main Pokhara city, Begnas Lake is a serene alternative to the more popular Phewa Lake. A day hike can encompass walking around the lake, enjoying the local fish delicacies, and even hiking up to some vantage points for a broader view.

5. Dhampus Hike:

Starting from Phedi, a short drive from Pokhara, this 3-4 hour hike leads you to the beautiful village of Dhampus. The village serves as a viewpoint for the Annapurna and Manaslu ranges and offers a deep dive into the local Gurung culture.

6. Rupakot Hike:

Beginning from Rupakot resort, this is a serene hiking trail of 2-3 hours that takes you through local villages and offers a pristine view of Rupa and Begnas Lakes alongside majestic mountain vistas.


Whether seeking spiritual serenity at a mountaintop pagoda, looking to immerse yourself in local culture or basking in the Himalayas’ magnificence, Pokhara offers a hiking trail that fits the bill. So, lace up your boots, pack some snacks, and embark on these delightful day treks around Nepal’s adventure hub.

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