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Tipping in Nepal: A Thorough Guide for Travelers

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Grasping the etiquette of tipping in Nepal is essential. While tipping is not obligatory, it is appreciated due to the typically low wages in the service sector. This guide will assist you in determining when and how much to tip in various situations, providing insights into effective tipping practices and their impactful outcomes.

Trekking Guides and Porters

  • Standard Tip for Guides: Trekking guides are customarily tipped about 10% of the total trek cost. For instance, on a $1,000 trek (about 100,000 NPR), a $100 (about 10,000 NPR) tip is a generous recognition of their guidance and assistance. If your guide provided exceptional service, consider tipping 15%—20%.
  • Porters and Other Team Members: Tips are also expected for other team members, such as assistant guides, porters, and cooks. It’s a good practice to provide these tips to the group leader, who will distribute them among the team. To maintain hierarchy and respect, head guides should receive a slightly larger tip than porters and other subordinate staff.


  • Service Charge Included: It’s common for tourist-focused restaurants to include a 10% service charge in the bill, which is supposed to be shared among the staff. If the service is exceptional, consider adding an extra 5-10% ($0.50 to $1 or about 50 to 100 NPR on every 1000 NPR spent).
  • No Service Charge: For local eateries without a service charge, think about rounding up the bill or leaving small changes.

Taxi Drivers

  • Fare Rounding: Typically, taxi fares are rounded up to the nearest whole dollar or hundred NPR, streamlining transactions and offering a small tip for good service.
  • Agree on Price: Since taxi meters are rare in areas like Kathmandu, it’s wise to negotiate a fare in advance to prevent misunderstandings.


  • Housekeeping: Tips aren’t mandatory but are welcomed. Consider tipping about roughly 100 NPR ($1) per day for housekeeping staff.
  • Service Charge: As with restaurants, a 10% service charge might be included at more upscale hotels. For exceptional service, placing tips in a gratuity box at reception ensures staff-wide distribution.

Service Workers

  • Tipping Standard: Though not mandatory, tipping about 10% of the total service cost (100 NPR or $1 for every $10 spent) effectively appreciates excellent service, especially from workers with long shifts.

Effective Tipping Practices

  • Discretion: Tips should be given discreetly to avoid embarrassment. Placing the tip in an envelope and handing it directly to the person is recommended.
  • Gifts: If you’re visiting a local home or dining with a Nepali family, bring a culturally suitable small gift. It’s recommended to consult a local for suitable gift ideas to ensure they are well-received.
  • Carry Small Change: Keeping small denominations in NPR and dollars makes it easier to tip appropriately, especially when distributing tips among several service providers.
  • Consider the Context: In less touristy or rural areas, non-monetary tips like food items or practical goods are often more valued, showing a personal appreciation for the services rendered.
  • Timing: To guarantee that all staff are available to receive their tips, it’s best to distribute them on the final evening of the trek instead of waiting until the morning of departure.
  •  Gear as GiftsIf you have unused trekking gear, consider offering it to your guide or porters. Discreetly ask if they or someone they know could use it, ensuring your offer is seen as thoughtful rather than charitable.

By following these guidelines, you actively boost the livelihoods of Nepal’s service industry workers, maintaining the country’s renowned hospitality. This tipping approach demonstrates appreciation and honors local cultural customs.

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