Future RI Convention:
June 21-25, 2025 - Calgary, Canada. We look forward to seeing you there!
Future RI Convention:
June 21-25, 2025 - Calgary, Canada. We look forward to seeing you there!

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“Best for Nepal Trekking Adventures Since 2003.”

In search of unparalleled trekking in Nepal? Then Nepal Hiking is your go-to destination. Established in 2003, we’ve consistently spent over 20 years showcasing Nepal’s marvels, ranging from lush valleys to towering peaks. Moreover, we’re strategically located in Kathmandu, the heart and gateway of Nepal’s trekking.

So, Why Choose Nepal Hiking?

Discover the Top 9 Reasons!

  1. A legacy of excellence since 2003.
  2. Thoughtfully curated treks and tours just for you.
  3. Our dedicated customer support is at your service around the clock.
  4. Committed to delivering unparalleled experiences for every traveller.
  5. Assured satisfaction with our 100% guarantee.
  6. Access to special deals and promotions exclusively for you.
  7. Guided by friendly experts and backed by a supportive team.
  8. Effortless online booking with immediate confirmation.
  9. Proudly committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Firstly, we intimately understand Nepal, offering more than just trails. At the heart of our service is an authentic Nepal experience. Whether solo journeys or group adventures, we encapsulate our homeland’s culture and essence.

Wondering about Nepal’s Trekking Appeal?

Geographically nestled between India and China, Nepal proudly boasts phenomenal hiking landscapes. Imagine trekking with expansive green plains below and iconic Himalayan peaks like Everest above. However, it’s not all about mountains; treks also reveal verdant farms, wildlife-rich forests, and historical architecture. Furthermore, our scenic lakes, vibrant flora such as rhododendrons, and accolades like making the Top 10 destinations in 2022 truly speak volumes.

Eager to embark on a Nepal trekking adventure? Then, let Nepal Hiking guide you to the essence of hiking in Nepal.

Why Trekking in Nepal?

…An Experience Not to Miss!

Beyond the breathtaking vistas, Nepal’s treks promise lasting memories, high mountains, rich wildlife, friendly locals, and delectable cuisine.

Trekking Highlights:

  • Discover awe-inspiring locations.
  • Immerse in our rich culture and historic sites.
  • Marvel at peaks like Mt. Everest.
  • Breathe in the pristine air, free from urban distractions.
  • Connect with fellow trekkers.
  • Rejuvenate both mentally and physically.

Nepal’s Top 5 Treks:

  • Annapurna Circuit: 15 days of diverse landscapes and historic monasteries.
  • Everest Base Camp: A 15-day journey for avid trekkers, starting from Lukla and culminating at Everest’s base.
  • Manaslu Circuit: A 16-day showcase of Nepal’s varied beauty.
  • Langtang and Gosainkunda: A 14-day real Nepal experience through dense forests and quaint villages.
  • Upper Mustang: A 15-day expedition to untouched Himalayan regions, offering views of Annapurna and ancient Tibetan monasteries.

If you’re considering Nepal for trekking, rest assured that NepalHiking guarantees a once-in-a-lifetime experience!


Greetings, Mr. Tilak. I’ve safely returned home, and my children were delighted to see me. My journey through Tibet and Nepal was extraordinary, especially the Everest Trek. I cherish the memories with my friends and the wonderful people I encountered. I plan to return, possibly for the Annapurna trek or Mera Peak, and I hope to collaborate with your company again. Once I’ve sorted my photos, I’ll share some with you. Best regards

United Kingdom

We had an amazing trip to Upper Mustang thanks to our skilled guides. Riding the horses really helped. Despite tough conditions, Dil and the team made us tasty meals and snacks. Our helpers and porters were always kind and thoughtful. The experience was unforgettable, and we truly enjoyed every moment. Thanks for making it such a great adventure!


Thanks for setting up the incredible Annapurna trek to Muktinath. Big thanks to Hari, our guide, and Yam and Krishna for carrying our stuff. It’s been 27 years since my first visit to Nepal, but I’ll be back sooner next time. The trip was fantastic, and the people in Nepal are super kind. Can’t wait to do it again soon. Take care and all the best! See ya.

Michael, Louise and Danielle Michael
Nadin Merimbula, Australia

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